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    Disc Harrows

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Sturdy and resistant to very harsh conditions

The standard Multidisc comes with discs of Ø 510 mm and is designed for working depths ranging from 4 to 10 cm. The Multidisc XL versions feature Ø 560 mm discs which are suitable to work deeper. The XL has more clearance between the 2 disc rows and is thus better suited for fields with lots of crop remains like maize and sunflower. The XXL has discs Ø 610 mm and larger gang spacing for better flow. The XXL legs are set lenghtwise to make them sturdy and resistant to very harsh conditions.

Many settings

The roller has many settings and a floating system. This system controls the working depth of the machine.

Easy mounting of accessories.

Shot blasted, powder coated frame and headstock.

Rubber suspension.

For the XL version stiffer triangle shaped rubbers are used that can handle greater forces.

Folded, Simple and compact!

Multidiscs are available in mounted rigid, mounted folding H, and semi-trailed folding HT models ranging from 1,8 up to 12 meters wide. Folding Multidiscs can be stocked in folded position. Simple and compact!

Hardened discs with high cutting capacity

Hardened discs with high cutting capacity, Seal with overgreasing protection, Protection against trash, 5 bolts M12 10.9, One-piece forged hub, Extra large greasing chamber, Oversized taper roller bearings, Cast steel cap.


Side deflector plate or discs for keeping the soil stream inside the working width of the machine.


Straw harrow for spreading the plant remains evenly.


Packer roller with independently suspended, selfadjusting scrapers.

MultidiscMultidisc XLMultidisc XXL
disc dimensionsø510×5 mmø560×5 mmø610×6 mm
suspensionround rubberstriangular
gang spacing80 cm100 cm115 cm
standard rollercrumbler
ø440 mm
ø520 mm
ø520 mm
working depth4 – 10 cm5 – 12 cm5 – 15 cm