Agritechnica 2017

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From 12 untill 18 November you can find us at the Agritechnica fair in Hannover. We hope to meet you in Hall 25, stand D03. As you are used to, we will present some innovative products from our range at the fair.

Under our brand name Tulip we put the Multidsc Vario-S in the spotlight. The Vario-S is a unique machine which can be used for both superficial and deeper soil cultivation. The machine can be used for stubble work or to prepare seedbeds. A great choice of subsoiler tines and rollers ensures that the machine can be adapted to all soil types.

Under our brand name Peecon we present to you our Biga Lowliner Future. This 2 auger vertical feed mixer has a low point of gravity where a larger capacity is combined with a low loading height. Our Future-models are standard equipped with our patented Future mixing tub, extra thick augers made of high strength steel, a luxurious weighing system and chutes complete with stainless steel plate (in case of unloading doors). Unique to the Lowliner we show at the Agritechnica is that the feed mixer is not equipped with a standard conveyor belt, but with unloading doors. The advantages include that the feed mixer is even more compact than the standard version, the rations can be unloaded at both sides and the mixer can turn very short. Beside that, price technically it’s also a very interesting machine!

Next to the Biga Lowliner Future we present to you the Peecon Butler XL feed pusher. This independent robot throws the feed loosely to the trough. Thanks to its special auger, freshness and quality are retained and your animals will be encouraged to take more feed. By encouraging the activity of your animals, the frequency with which they visit the milking robot will also be significantly increased. With magnets in the floor the machine safely find it’s way. The Butler XL brings the feed closer to your animals up to 15 times per 24 hours. The control of the robot can be done via the computer or smartphone/tablet.

At the fair we also bring out our new catalogs with all our novelties. Our new catalogues will shortly be downloadable on this website. For this year we have chosen for a modest stand at the Agritechnica because we are very busy  with various developments within the company.  

At the moment we are building a fourth factory. This factory will be operational in the spring of 2018 which will increase our production significantly. By mid-2018, we will launch a new product group with a new series of Peecon mini wheel loaders. We are also busy with a new model of tipping trailer and new manure techniques. Our websites are also due for a new jacket. Our new sites are expected to go online in the beginning of 2018. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for the developments within our company!

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