• Tulip Roterra

    Rotary Harrows


Spring-loaded rotor guard

Spring-loaded rotor guard. Stones that come in front of the machine are pushed down and so the rotors are protected. If a stone would end up between rotors and the rotor guard, it can pivot forwards to let the stone pass through the machine.

Walterscheid PTO shaft with cam-type-cutout clutch

The advantage of the Tulipmatic is that time after time, after overload the connection is broken at the exact specified moment. This reduces the chance of damage as a result of overloading the machine.

Tines hardened in 5 zones for extra toughness

Tines hardened in 5 zones for extra toughness and extended lifespan. In the top region the tines are very tough while, with a transition from the middle, the tines get harder and more wear resistant. This makes the Tulip club tine extra durable and at the same time tough enough to handle the most extreme conditions.

Large distance between the bearings

Large distance between the bearings in the trough. This way the bearings are subject to less forces and the result is extra stability. This extends the lifespan of the bearings and large forces can easily be absorbed.

Widest range of gear sets

Widest range of gear sets available on the market. An optimal rotor speed can be set in all soil conditions. It is always possible to work with the most efficient engine speed of the tractor.

Special round shape

The dragging club tines have a special round shape. The shape avoids smearing of the soil, and clods are broken up without the natural layers of the soil structure being affected. Furthermore the dragging position keeps the lower layers of soil where they are, and stones are pushed downwards rather than upwards. Due to the round shape of the tine, fuel is saved because not once the tine will have a flat surface facing the driving direction. This makes the Roterra pull much lighter.

Fuel saving

4 rotors per meter for a low power requirement and thus fuel saving. Adjacent rotors overlap each other.

Many settings

Roller with many settings and floating system.

Standard rear PTO for mounting

Standard rear PTO for mounting e.g. a drill.