Agribex 2017

Currently we can be found at the Agribex fair in Brussels. From our brand Tulip we show you the Multidisc XL disc harrow. This is the ideal machine for stubble work in all circumstances, equipped with the extra robust XL/XXL shanks. A Roterra 302-55, the original power harrow. The patented drop teeth ensure natural crumbling. And a Centerliner SX5i, a high-tech fertilizer spreader with the EASYtronic control. This Centerliner excels in ease of use and gives an unprecedented spreading pattern by its double overlap.

Under our brand name Peecon we show you a 20 m3 Biga Twin Future, a 2-auger feedmixer in Future version. The Biga Future is a luxury feedmixerline that we integrated in our product range. The Future line is characterized by its special tub design and a big package of extra’s, for example extra thick augers and a luxurious weighing system.

In addition to the Biga Twin Future we present the Peecon Butler XL feed pusher. This independently working robot drives the feed lightly back towards the trough. Thanks to its special auger, freshness and quality are retained and your animals will be encouraged to take in more feed. Further, we will show you a Cargo Compact 13000 hook system. A solid carrier that excels in simplicity and a low construction height.

We hope to welcome you at the fair in Hall 9, booth 9200.