Peeters Agricultural Machinery in the spotlights on the Agritechnica

The team of Peeters Agricultural Machinery looks back on the Agritechnica with satisfaction. There was a lot of attention from visitors and press for our innovations like the Peecon Gull Wing double tyre system and the Peecon Biga Future. Our movie of the Peecon Gull Wing system has been viewed more than 75.000 times in one week! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can look here.

We had a lot of existing and new customers on our stand. So by this way we want to thank everyone who visited our stand for their interest. If you were not able to visit us and you still have questions about our products, please contact us by mail on or tel.: +31 (0)76-504 66 66 and we will be there to help you out.

Peeters Agricultural Machines introduces a number of innovations on the Agritechnica

Peeters Agricultural Machines BV, known from the brands Peecon and Tulip, introduces a number of innovations on the Agritechnica in Hannover.

One of them is the Peecon Biga Future. The Biga Future is an extension of the standard Biga feed mixer range. With this model Peecon offers the dairy farmer a solution to mix and dose feed with one combination and to add some fresh grass straight from the field. You can also use this combination to bed the stables. One saves the use of a loader wagon and changing machines is not necessary anymore.

The Biga Future weighs 25% less than the standard Biga’s because less thick but more rigid materials are used. Besides that, the Biga Future has larger and bigger tires, 560/45R22.5, to create a low pressure on the soil. The front mower places the swath in a specially designed collector bin. This bin exists in different models for different brands of mowers. The high capacity fan sucks the grass into the tub, after this you can dose it in the trough. Optionally you can equip the mixer with two hydraulic valves that close the supply from the mower and open a supply from the tub. This way you can spread fine cut straw from the mixer onto the beds in the stable.

Another innovation that we present is the Peecon Gull Wing double tyre system. The Agritechnica rewarded this innovation with a silver medal. With this system you can fold up as well as down the extra wheels by using tractor hydraulics. During transport the wheels are folded up behind the tractor cabin. This limits the tractor width so road security is guaranteed. Once in the field you can fold down the extra wheels, by using attachment devices you can fix the wheels very quickly to the tractor. When the field work is done you can loosen the attachment devices and fold the wheels back up. So you can move back on the road in a safe way.

With this system one saves manpower and time while mounting double mounted wheels. The system is attached to the rear drivetrain of the tractor, so you can still use the lift system to link other machines. The Gull wing double tyre system suits many brands and is available for different tyre sizes.

Peeters Agricultural Machines likes to present you its innovations on stand D05 in hall 25 on the Agritechnica fair.