Tulip New Model Action 2015

In the first half of 2015 we as Peeters Agricultural Machinery, have been busy to finalize the new range of Tulip machines. At the exhibition of SIMA we already presented the new design, but afterwards we even changed some things to take the new machine line in production. After that we have tested the new machines in the field. And now we can proudly announce to you that the new range of Tulip machines is ready to take in production.

The Roterra has a complete new design. Also there are some technical components changed and improved. We are busy with a quick release system for the tines, which will be launched soon.

The Polymat seeders also have a new design and the HSD coulter has been improved.

The Multidisc Vario has completely changed, the design as well the technical aspects. The Multidisc Vario has now 5 tines on 3 meters, placed in a W form. This for a perfect throughput for crop residues. Hereby the power requirements for your tractor decreases. Besides this every tine has now independent stone protection instead of per 3 tines.

The RTC rotarytillers are a complete new serie with several models suitable for every power requirement. In the RTSC we also have a new model. This heavy rotarytiller is equipped with an inbound PTO shaft of 1 3/4 instead of 1 3/8.

The Centerliner has also a complete different design. It has more stainless steel parts to increase the lifetime of the spreader even more. There are also bigger hopper capacities possible until the maximum of 4200 litres.

We start the NEW MODEL ACTION 2015 to promote the new range of Tulip machines and to give you as a true customer the possibility to get on right away!

Ask your agent for the conditions.


Tulip New Model Actie 2015 2